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Broking & Demat Services

Managing your finances such as equity or debt can be a hassle, given the tasks you perform every day. Thankfully the Depository Act of 1996 has made it easier for everyone to manage their financial securities in a few clicks. Instead of receiving physical copies of shares or other securities, a demat account helps you to leverage the benefits of an online trading platform where you hold your financial security on a standardised electronic system.

A Demat Account Can Hold The Following Range Of Securities:

  • Shares
  • Stocks
  • E-gold
  • Bonds
  • Government securities
  • IPOs
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Non-Convertible debentures
  • Mutual funds traded on the stock exchange

Benefits Of A Demat Account

The Technological Strides Made In The Last Few Years Has Led To A Lot Of Benefits To Holding A Demat Account:

  • Traders can make a transaction at their convenience, making it convenient and time-saving.
  • There is no tedious paperwork required to register transactions.
  • No risk of theft, delays, or forging of physical copies of share certificates, bonds, etc. since the securities are stored in electronic form.
  • You have a single integrated platform for holding debt as well as equity instruments.
  • Automated credits made to register demat account in case of bonus, splits, mergers, consolidations, etc.
  • Eliminates need for multiple communications: every stakeholder is notified of the transaction through electronic alerts removing the need to contact the company, trader, investor.
  • Address changes are updated with every company invested in by the investor through the Depository Participant.
  • One single share can be bought/sold unlike earlier when shares were transacted only in lots.
  • Removal of stamp duty costs which were otherwise associated with physical records of securities has led to significant reduction in the cost of trading.