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We offer financial products and services at Money Matters. Our services allow you to create the financial security you need to enjoy an active and independent stable financial life. Most importantly, we work with you to meet your needs and help achieve your goals. We take a personal, holistic approach to financial planning, balancing the use of your financial and non-financial resources to enrich your life.

Money Quotient is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization located in the USA. Money Quotient provides financial advisors and other professionals with the tools and training they need to assist their clients in developing a more successful and satisfying relationship with money. As an organization focused on education and research, MQ is dedicated to exploring and promoting a life-centered perspective to building client relationships and to delivering financial advice that is aligned with the unique set of values, priorities, and circumstances of the individuals and families being served.

Money Matters are Silver Partners with Money Quotient from 2015. This allows us to use & practice Financial Life Planning Tools with our clients and helps us to understand our clients better and have a deeper and profound relationship which sets us apart from the other Financial Planners and Advisors.
Website link: www.moneyquotient.com

Would you like to have a complimentary session to understand your Financial Fitness with us?

We know that successful advisor/client relationships are based on trust, accountability, and shared vision. Those things can be hard to completely measure by reading words on a screen, but we can get a better feel for each other during an initial phone call. During this 15-minute call, we will ask some questions about your current financial situation, your initial goals, and answer any questions you have.