A will is a legal document that allows you to name a guardian for your child and specify who will inherit your property after you die. Without a will, you will have no say in what happens to your property. An experienced wills and trusts lawyer should be able to advise you in all of your estate planning needs with the foresight and precision writing a will demands.

Even if you have a will, it is important to understand that your estate will still go through probate. Probate is the legal process an estate passes through to make sure property is distributed in accordance with a will or according to the laws of the state if there is no will. The probate process usually takes about a year to complete as the validity of the will must be established, all heirs, creditors and those who have a vested interest in the deceased's property must be alerted of the decedent's passing and any disputes over the will must be resolved in probate court.

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