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Who Needs A Financial Planner?

Almost everyone can benefit from having a financial advocate in their corner. Our specialized skills are specifically focused on giving financial planning services, financial consultancy, and financial therapy to business owners, professionals, and retirees. Some of the reasons that people initially seek our help include a pending retirement, receiving an inheritance, change in health, investment losses, a marriage or divorce, or the loss of a spouse or parent.

Benefits Of Financial Planning

Financial planning provides direction and meaning to financial decisions. It allows the client to understand how each financial decision they make affects other areas of their finances.

For e.g. Buying a particular investment product might help them pay off their mortgage faster or it might delay their retirement significantly. By viewing each financial decision as part of the whole the client can consider its short and long-term effects on their life goals. The client can also adapt more easily to life changes and feel more secure that their goals are on track.

Our Process

Our approach to financial planning is simple and straightforward. However, it is also important that you fully understand our consultative process and our step-by-step approach.

Here's Our Six-Step Process

1) Evaluate Current Position : This is the first stage of our interaction. It involves evaluating your current situation which includes cash flow analysis, calculating your net worth, reviewing your insurance coverage for life, disability, home, auto, health, etc.

2) Identify Goals: We then go about clearly establishing the objectives of the financial plan so that, several goals can be balanced. The goals could be short, medium, or long-term and could include a child’s education, marriage, retirement, etc. We identify the Goals as Short, Medium & Long Term Goals. After identifying, we prioritize the Goals & work towards achieving them.

3) Work Out the Plan : We then work out a clear strategy in line with your objectives and risk tolerance. Drawing up a winning asset allocation so that your financial goals are met is fundamental to a successful plan.

4)Implement the Plan : We will assist you in the process of implementing the plan by suggesting the optimal mix of products and services that are essential for the success of the plan which will fit your requirements.

5) Periodic Monitoring : Once the plan is implemented we will monitor the progress on an ongoing basis. We will periodically report the progress and measure the results achieved vis-à-vis the plan.

6) Review & Rebalance : Financial planning is a dynamic process. We will annually review the plan and progress made, to see if any modifications are required due to changes like inheritance, change in job status, birth or death in the family, etc. We will review the Investments periodically & make alterations in the Portfolio depending upon the Performance

Free Initial Consultation

Money Matters offers a free initial consultation for retirement, businesses, investment, or personal wealth management. We welcome the opportunity to spend time with you, discussing your individual needs, asking and answering questions, reviewing our unique services, and confirming that we are the best fit for helping you achieve your financial goals. Please note that there will be no specific investment or financial planning advice given at this meeting.