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Wheel of Life

Directions : This exercise will help you to assess your growth and development in each Facet of Life. It will also help you to evaluate the degree of balance and level of life satisfaction you are now experiencing.

Step 1 : Place a dot on each spoke that indicates your level of satisfaction in that particular Facet of Life. Use a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 at the hub and 10 at the rim. A zero indicates no satisfaction and a ten indicates the highest degree of satisfaction.

Step 2 : When you have clicked your cursor to place a dot on each spoke, then a line will automatically appear that connects the dots to create your life wheel.

Step 3 : Is your life wheel round or does it show flat spots? Is it deflated or is it full? What does this exercise tell you about your life? Is your life balanced? Are there areas of your life that need attention? In what facets would you like to experience more satisfaction?